Annapolis Royal

Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia was settled in 1605 and still retains much af the charm of that age. The town has over 150 heritage buildings including the oldest wooden house in Canada, the deGannes-Cosby House, built in 1708. Annapolis Royal has broad, tree-lined streets containing many large, gracious homes, some which are now Inns with beautiful well kept gardens. Many of these homes have great historic value. The O’Dell Inn Museum on lower St. George is open to the public and gives a wonderful idea of what life was like in Annapolis Royal in the 1800’s. Fort Anne, a Canadian National Historic Site, is also worthy of a visit and features well preserved buildings and a gunpowder magazine built in 1708. The highlight of the town must be the Historic Gardens, consisting of 10 acres of beautiful, peaceful gardens containing fantastic roses, themes and displays connected by winding paths.

In addition to the historic sites and beauty of Annapolis Royal, are numerous antique and craft shops offering a wide variety of wares which are typical of Nova Scotia.